Sarah, 41 – Needed a hysterectomy after a failed endometrial ablation

“I had been dealing with painful period pain since my early 20s, which had always caused me problems – both professionally and in my personal life. I understood that a hysterectomy may be required at some point but Dr Aquilina was very good at explaining all my options and taking my needs into consideration. I felt reassured every step of the way.

Now I just want to get going again and Dr Aquilina is very aware of that. He is attentive, takes his time on an individual basis and remembers even the smallest of details – such as recalling how many flights of stairs I encounter at work – and how that will affect my recovery.

I would say that Dr Aquilina is very understanding and personable. I’ve actually already recommended him to one of my colleagues who has been going through the same kind of thing. I’ve always felt every step of the process has been tailored in my best interest – I’ve never felt like just another patient.

I’m now just waiting to get fully signed off as I want to start working out again!”