Patient Stories
Please take some time to read what some of my patients have said about me.

Stephanie, 34 – Suffers from endometriosis and has had nine laparoscopies

“I’ve been seeing Dr Aquilina for around ten years now and he trusts that I know my own body. We have built up such a relationship that it feels like talking to a friend or a family member rather than a doctor.

I really feel like I am being listened too and understood. He doesn’t come over as if he automatically knows what is best for me. He will let me know all my options and go through all the choices I have for any situation.

Doctor Aquilina is very trusting and understanding. He will come into the room before the surgery to talk through what is going to happen – but he also is very good at listening. He really knows his patients as an individual.

As a woman you know that your relationship with your gynaecologist will be for life – someone you will need to rely on – and Dr Aquilina has my full trust. I wouldn’t want to see anyone else.”

Sarah, 41 – Needed a hysterectomy after a failed endometrial ablation

“I had been dealing with painful period pain since my early 20s, which had always caused me problems – both professionally and in my personal life. I understood that a hysterectomy may be required at some point but Dr Aquilina was very good at explaining all my options and taking my needs into consideration. I felt reassured every step of the way.

Now I just want to get going again and Dr Aquilina is very aware of that. He is attentive, takes his time on an individual basis and remembers even the smallest of details – such as recalling how many flights of stairs I encounter at work – and how that will affect my recovery.

I would say that Dr Aquilina is very understanding and personable. I’ve actually already recommended him to one of my colleagues who has been going through the same kind of thing. I’ve always felt every step of the process has been tailored in my best interest – I’ve never felt like just another patient.

I’m now just waiting to get fully signed off as I want to start working out again!”

Jana – Removal of Ovarian Cyst

Jana had been experiencing abnormal discharge and feeling pain surrounding one of her ovaries for some time. She had a family history of gynaecological issues and was worried that there could be something more serious going on.

After plenty of research, Jana decided to contact Mr Joe Aquilina, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in London.

Jana’s first contact was with Lyn Thomsett, Mr Aquilina’s secretary. She was supportive and offered plenty of advice and she booked Jana in immediately for a consultation with Mr Aquilina.

Jana was diagnosed with a cyst in her left ovary and given various options about treatments available. She chose to go ahead with an operation to remove the cyst with Mr Aquilina as her consultant.

As Jana had never had an operation before, she was very anxious about the procedure. On the day of the operation Jana was distressed, but with the support and understanding of Mr Aquilina and his skilled team, Jana was calmed, and her fears relieved.

The operation to remove the cyst only took around 50 minutes and Jana was able to go home the very same day.

Jana said: “Thanks to Mr Aquilina and his team I could start a new chapter in my life without pain. I would like to highly recommend Mr Aquilina.”

With the correct treatment and care, Jana can now live pain-free and wouldn’t hesitate to see Mr Joe Aquilina and his team again in the future.

Claire – Polycystic ovaries

Claire had experienced gynaecological issues since she was a teenager, but it wasn’t until her mid-thirties that she was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and understood how her symptoms had affected her entire life.
In her teenage years Claire suffered with weight gain, acne, and absence of her periods. Even with these symptoms she wasn’t diagnosed by her GP.

In her thirties, Claire experienced bleeding and was diagnosed with a polyp on her ovary. This was removed and Claire was finally told she had polycystic ovaries (PCOS).

“It was an overwhelming experience”, recalls Claire, “I’d had all these symptoms growing up, but no one had ever told me what was wrong.”

After researching PCOS, Claire grew concerned that it could affect her fertility. She made an appointment with her GP to discuss the symptoms and potential problems PCOS could cause.

As luck would have it, Claire’s GP had been to a seminar run by Mr Joseph Aquilina, consultant Obstetrician at The Portland Hospital, prior to Claire’s visit and recommended she made an appointment to see him.
Claire arranged to see Mr Aquilina and was instantly reassured. He performed an internal scan, hormone tests and checked her insulin resistance – as this can play a part in causing PCOS.

He also gave Claire in-depth information about treatment for her skin and explained how diet can affect PCOS.
Claire said, “Mr Aquilina made me feel so comfortable and was very supportive. He understood how I had struggled with my weight and skin since I was a teenager and all the symptoms I had experienced just seemed to slot into place.

I understand myself so much better now and know how to manage my condition and reduce the symptoms associated with PCOS. I only wish I had known all of this when I was younger.”

Claire visits Mr Aquilina once a year to check her medication and make sure her condition is being managed well.

According to Claire, Mr Aquilina has changed her life.