Stephanie, 34 – Suffers from endometriosis and has had nine laparoscopies

“I’ve been seeing Dr Aquilina for around ten years now and he trusts that I know my own body. We have built up such a relationship that it feels like talking to a friend or a family member rather than a doctor.

I really feel like I am being listened too and understood. He doesn’t come over as if he automatically knows what is best for me. He will let me know all my options and go through all the choices I have for any situation.

Doctor Aquilina is very trusting and understanding. He will come into the room before the surgery to talk through what is going to happen – but he also is very good at listening. He really knows his patients as an individual.

As a woman you know that your relationship with your gynaecologist will be for life – someone you will need to rely on – and Dr Aquilina has my full trust. I wouldn’t want to see anyone else.”